Manufacturing Systems

You can trust Noble Tool

At Noble Tool Corp. we specialize in gages and fixtures and we can leverage our knowledge of literally thousands of gage or fixture applications to provide a solution to fit your needs.  Our gages have employed mechanical, optical, ultrasonic and laser measurement technologies, while our fixtures cover the complete spectrum of manufacturing applications.  The type and function of applications is infinite.

Gage Applications: Gage Manufacture

Dimensional (Diameter, Length, Profile, Width, Thickness, Gap)

Pressure (Flow, Force, Leak Test)

Flaw detection (Eddy Current, Ultrasonic)

Part Presence and Part Orientation

Fixture Applications: Fixture Manufacture

Production Fixtures      Welding Fixtures     Holding Fixtures     Testing Fixtures

Assembly Fixtures        Manufacturing Fixtures    Quality Fixtures

Creativity and experience are the keys to producing a solution to fit your particular need. You can trust Noble Tool to satisfy your needs in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Chances are, we can improve the productivity of your operations. Contact us today so that we can find a solution for you.